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Orthopaedic Technologist Day

August 24 of each year is Orthopaedic Technologist Day. This special day was created to honor the profession of Orthopaedic Technology and to raise awareness of the crucial role Orthotechs play in successful patient care in the facilities in which they work.

The date, August 24, is historically significant. Nicolas Andry de Bois-Regard, a French physician and writer, was born on August 24, 1658. Andry coined the term “orthopaedics” in his book, Orthopédie, published in 1741. Within the text of his book, he illustrated the “crooked tree”, which has since been used by many orthopaedic organizations in their logos, and is now known as the “Tree of Andry”.

NAOT invites all Orthotechs to celebrate Orthopaedic Technologist Day by planning special events with colleagues.

Orthopaedic Technologist Day was officially recognized in the United States Senate through a certificate issued by Senator Pat Toomey on August 24, 2013.


Download the NAOT Orthopaedic Technologist Day Planning Guide for ideas for a team celebration, as well as suggestions for publicizing Orthopaedic Technologist Day and your event in your facility.

Download the NAOT Orthopaedic Technologist Day poster and have it printed in various sizes at a local quick-print shop. You can use the white space at the bottom of the poster to print information about celebration events in your facility. Display the poster throughout your facility to help spread awareness of Orthopaedic Technologist Day and the profession of orthopaedic technology.